To my parents, Gnanavalli and Pradhaban

From the Webmaster:
This site was created to honor the memory of my grandfather, "Padmashri", "Isaimani" Dr. Sirkali S. Govindarajan. This is a small contribution, which I hope will grow in years to come. I would love to hear from fans around the world, who have had personal experiences with my grandfather, as well as with my uncle, Dr. Sirkali Siva Chidambaram. We could share your anecdotes and pictures on the website. Please send me your feedback.

Here are a few excerpts of the feedback I have received from fans throughout the world:

I am very touched by your page dedicated to Dr. Govindarajan. He was one of the icons of Tamil classical music that I admired. The fact that he was once the Dean of a Faculty in Annamalai (which I had been unaware of till today) only increases my opinion of him. I used to live near "Sirkali"'s house in Mandavellipakkam (I lived in 3rd trust link street) and was very saddended by his untimely death.


Great Work Balaji,
It sure spreads the greatness of Dr. Sirkali's contributions to music, culture and religion. You know what? I myself learned more about him and his work through your webpage. The style of the document is less ambiguous and easy to navigate through. I liked it. I think it is a wonderful job. God Bless you and your family.

Muthu & Family

Hi Balaji,
The Home page is very attractive and beautiful. More to say, it is very explanatory. I would like you to pass this address to everybody. There are lot of people in this country that still listen to Dr. Sirkali Govindarajan's devotional songs on a day by day basis. I am sure that those people definitely would like to see this home page. GOOD LUCK AND AGAIN GREAT JOB.


Dear Balaji,
Great Job. It's a wonderful tribute to your grandfather. He was a great artist whose voice still reverberates throughout the tamil speaking world. I love to hear his songs rendered at the London Sri Murgan Temple's fund raising project. I know this asking too much of you, Balaji. Try putting some pictures and perhaps some audio clips. Keep it up. Regards and best wishes.


Excellent work. Carry on the good name, young chap!

Do u sing like him too? I am a practioner of carnatic music and I have listened to many of his tapes (carnatic, film and devotional). However my favourite among his devotionals is his London live performance. Nothing to beat it to-date.

I also love his rendition of Himadrisuthe Pahimam and his detailed Ragam-Thanam-Pallavi in Karaharapriya. Top class.

Kudos and regards
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Thambi Balaji:
We, tamils, are so proud about you. You page is wonderful. Isaimaamani's good karma has been transformed as Thambi Baalaagi. I would like to keep in touch with you.

I am an attorney by profession. I publish and circulate a news letter "Thamil Inaiyam" (Tamil Link) among my friends. Would you please write an article about your grandfather and send it to me to publish in "Thamil Inaiyam"? I would really appreciate your prompt attention.


This is fantastic, I never knew sirghali had a homepage! the collection is fabulous! great job! also never knew he had a grandson in the USA. Anyway I love the song arupadai veedu konda thiru muruga of 'kandhan karunai' then there is also the concert at LONDON which has the song "thiruchenthil vadivelaiyya"with his son. Also the agathiyar-ravana battle to liquidise a mountain(with T.M.S). "vatta-vatta paraiyile" songs tune is very melodious -- Hope more teenagers like us would get to know about HIM. GOOD JOB!

S. Senthilnathan

Hello Balaji
I am Jagan, a software consultant working in Oracle Corp. UK. I am an ardent fan of your Grand father - Sirkazhi S. Govindarajan - THE GREAT. My love towards the golden voice of Sirkazhi (as he is affectionately remembered) dates back to 1975 when I was six years old. The ABIRAMI ANDHADHI album still remains on top my of favourites. I can never forget his deep tone and clear pronounciation of the entire song. Thanks you very much for creating a page for the greatest devotional singer of all times.

Thanks once again,

Dear Balaji,
Our family has always been ardent fans of the Late Sri. Seerkazhi Govindarajan. My mom has announced lot of concerts for him through AIR, Madras. I treasure his MAALUM MARUGANUM even to this day. Listening to it would take fans like us down the memory lane.


dear balaji,
At the outset, congratulations for a wonderful page. I share a few things that are common to both of us. I used to be with my grandfather early in my life. They were in sirkali district and i have fond memories of sirkali. I like sirkali Govindarajan's voice and have seen many movies and lastly my mother's name is Sulochana. keep up the good work. hope to hear from you.

Thank you,

I visited your site and its wonderful. Manitharai-Manithar of Irumbuthirai is a favorite of mine. No one can render the songs the way Sirkali did. I am part of the generation that grew up with your grand-dad's songs (I am in my early forties). Sirkali had also rendered some classical performances in the USA. I have some cassettes of one of those performances. The performance at London temple, man that's something!

Keep up with the good work, All the best in your studies.
Palaniappan A

Thanks for doing an excellent job on the homepage. This is perhaps the best tribute a grandchild can pay!

Thanks again

hi balaji,
I have loved your grandfather's songs all along. one of my favourite video is a live recording of sirkali and his son in london. maybe 1987 or something like that. Just prior to coming to london they were in mauritius. do you have that video by any chance?

I was previously a merchant navy officer and sirkali's music was a life saver for me.


Hi Balaji,
I just had a chance to see your web site.It is great man.I am also a granddaughter of a famous musician called "Namagiripettai K. Krishanan". I am the daughter of Mr.A.Natarajan, Director Doordarshan Kendra, Chennai, India. I am a great fan of your grandpa. For that matter, my entire family is his fan. We have had a good association with him. For my relatives who are here alone, your grandpa's music is the source of inspiration. I particularly like his "tirupati malai vaalum venkatesha". I can never stop admiring that song.We know your uncle Dr. Siva Chidambaram very well. His black and white picture is simply amazing!!! It is indeed a good job that youths are doing great work like this. My heartiest Congratulations to you.


Dear Balaji,
You have done a marvelous job on this page. Our (mine, my uncle & aunt) appreciation. Uncle asks you to put more albums on this page, needless to say you are about to get hell of lot of recommendation around US. We think this is the better quality sound we have heard on the web for a while.

Keep it up,
Kulesh, Uncle Bala & Aunt Sara

Hi Balaji,
I chanced upon your site and was thrilled to read about one of my most favourite singers, Dr. Sirgazhi. It was only yesterday that I bought the Ramu video, just for the Kannan vanthaan song! Such urukkamaana singing by Sirgazhiyaar. You are indeed lucky to have him as your grandfather. Until today, I haven't got tired of his songs. There is a very popular singer in Malaysia, who calls himself Rajaraja Cholan, who sings in Sirgazhi's voice. But, of course, he is nowhere near the original. Yeppadi irunthaalum antha ganeer kuralil, Azhaithavar kuralukku varuvein yendraan, yendra paadalai keitppathei oru thani alaathi!

Hope to hear from you soon,
Vadi Velu

It was good to hear Dr. Sirgazhi Govindarajan's melodious voice after a long time. Some of the songs were very familiar and brought back memories from my teens when I used to listen to his songs.

You have compiled some wonderful information. Keep up the good work.

Best wishes,
Sam Rangarajan

Congratulations on a great job done to honor Sri Sirkali Govindarajan. It is a pleasure to listen to his songs even after so many years. As I listened to the songs at your website, I also recalled the movies Thirumalai Thenkumari and Agathiar (which I had seen as a school going boy in southern Tamil Nadu) and how I enjoyed them with my family.

Once again, good job! Keep it up.

Dear Balaji,
I went through the Sirkali page. I really do not know how to express the way I feel. In short, I am proud of you! May Isaimani's soul bless us. Let us do our best to cherish his memory in all aspects of technical advancements in the era to come, for we are those who always remember the way he worked so hard with his music in this world to get us an identity as learned and cultured children of his.

Congratulations! Wish you all the best.

With Warm Regards,
Dr. Sirkali G. Siva Chidambaram MD

Hi balaji,
I am radha srinivasan. I went to your grandfathers home page, it was wonderful, actually liked to hear some tamil film songs and ended up there!!!!

Your grand father has sung in my 2 brothers wedding reception and in ponniamman temple for our navarathiri celebrations. The programme which was supposed to end by 8.30 or 9.00 went on till 11pm. There was lots of 'once more'. I could not belive the crowd that builded up there, and in the neighbouring streets!!!!!! These incidents happened in the twenty years before...

After some years in one of our relations marraige, your grandfather had also attended. It was a surprise he approached us and talked with us...

U know how much craze is there for his kutcheri...Among all his songs 'chinan chiru pen pola' is my favourite one...

I am happy to share my experiance with you.

Good luck and bye
Kitchanan Srinivasan

Your Collection is very good and I am really thrilled by the songs u have selected. Please add Abirami Anthathi, since it would be excellent to listen to it on Fridays.


Hi! Mr.Balaji,
I sincerly thank you for ur reply and adding the Abirami Anthathi on the net so quickly. I tune to this every morning and it gives me good pleasure for the whole day. Once again I thank you for your fast response.

Bye & take care,

Hi Balaji,
I'm a student here in Australia, my folks are big fans of your granfather and so am I. We had the pleasure/chance to meet your grandfather in 1983 at home (i was 5 then), when he treated us with horlicks if I remember well. My favourite song are "Ulathil nalla ullam" and "aadi adangum valkaiada".

A really cool website

Hallo balaji,
i am sure you have been appreciated for this Work. But i still don't know how to say what you have made me Feel. My heartfelt appreciation and thanks for making my wish Come true. Now i will be spending some time regularly on this Site because his voice and some of the songs like "thunbam nergayil yal eduthu Ni inbam serka mattaya" takes me to different world.

Given a choice i would sit all day & night, i will sit there listening to him Sing. I just never seem to have enough of his songs and now my 3 -1/2 year old Kid sings some songs from earlier london Concert.

Indhi & Karthik

Congratulations on a wonderful site. The 8 Kbps sampling is helping us in Tanzania where the lines are really slow.

Thanking you,
Yours lovingly,
Narasimhan Balaji

hai balaji
It is very nice to hear the voice of sirkali in the net.

It is very proud to our tamils.


Hi Balaji,
This is Kannamma. To refresh your memory, I was your neighbour at Chennai...I resided next to isai illam at 8, 8th trust cross st. Hope you remember me now. If not, I don't blame you were very young then. Well, I happened to visit your website. I was taken aback. All I remember of you is a small young fella playing Cricket next door...Seeing your website, truth struck are no more that small.

Your site is good, Very good. I appreciate your efforts to up a site in memory of your grandpa. I am a home maker so sometimes I browse the net...thats how I came in contact with this site of yours. Seeing...I couldn't sit back & so this mail. Okay Balaji.

My best wishes to you.

Hi Balaji,
I am Achwin, Internet correspondent of Ananda Vikatan. Your page on Sirkali is really interesting. Keep up the goodwork!!!

Warm regards

Dear Balaji
I want to congratulate your web about your Grand father . We are his fans from our young days. When My daughter studied in MMC I heared about your mom and your uncle. In our Culture grandson will establish his Grand parents Name.You have proved it. I am very glad that, though you are in western country you have done a good job. I wish you best of luck. Keep it up.

Bye Now

Dear balaji
congrats for the job well done. It is heart warming to see a web page on your grandfather that is created by his own grand son.

keep it up
with love

Hi Balaji,
I would like to announce to the listeners of this Saturday's program about the webpage you created for your grandfather. I feel that the web page is a very informative and well-done one and should serve as a benchmark for others who attempt to make one for other artists.


Hi Balaji,
Very nice to see your web-page and more info. about my favorite 'Sirghazhi' 's works. Really he will be very proud to have a grandson like you.

Out of his many many songs, movies & dramas, My best choice will be his role as RAMA in the music drama of 'Sampoorna Ramayanam' by 'Tamil Nadu Iyal Isai Nadaga Manram' which was in AIR some years back. His sweet voice and singing style naturally fits for the role of RAMA. Also all others who acted in that contributed really well.

Convey my sincere enquiries to one and all in your family.

bye with thanks
Truely Urs
Lakshmi narayanan

Dear balaji,
Good to see dr.sirkali govindaranjan's home page. We love all of his Songs. Life is in each line of his songs.

Thank you
Suresh krishnamachari

Hi Balaji,
I am Rajaganapathy, a software consultant working in New Jersey. Just today I visited the home page which u've created for u'r grandfather, its simply a great & appreciatable work. I really loved the way in which u have presented that. I am a great admirer of u'r grandfather's music (especially his Murugan songs) and u'r uncle's too. Not only me, my father and my relatives have a good respect and regards to your grandfather and his music. I've attended some music concerts by ur grandfather and father at Shri Jambugeswarar Akilandeswarianai Temple in Thiruvanaikoil, Tiruchirapalli (my native) during the time of Navarthiri festivals. These kind of web pages will really be helpful for the youngsters of this generation to know about those versatile artists and their role in keeping our heritage and music alive.

Once again i appreciate u'r work.


Hi Balaji,
It's a good thing you have done for our great singer Sirkaliji by publishing a web site! Myself and my family are fans of Sirkaliji.We love to hear Mr. Sivachidambaram's songs also.We used to watch Leoni's pattimandram only to hear that guy(I dont know his name!) singing in Sirkaliji's voice. My mother used to sing a song to make my child sleep fast.The song is "Kannae Vanna Pasungiliyeah..." sung by Dr. Sirkali.

Just last week I downloded the 'Jeeva' song sung by Dr. Sivachidambaram. It's lovely. God's grace he got the same voice. Wonderful!

Once again My wishes to your bright future with the blessings of Sirkaliji!


dear balaji,
I am an american hindu who lived for three years in the 1970's in the sacred lands of Tamil Nadu. when I first discovered your grandfather's music, the songs on Lord Murugan, my hair stood on end and chills went up my spine. I still listen regularly to the very first cassette with what i think must be some of the most famous songs.

well, I never met Sirgali Govindarajan, but my memory of your grandfather's uniquely exquisite voice will remain in my mind till i die.

thanks for this sweet website.
eyton j. shalom

Dear Balaji:
Just surfed your web site. It had brought tears to my eyes. I have some of your grandfather's old golden records of all times. I still listen to them whenever I am homesick. I have the records of your uncle's and your grandfather's concert which they had done together in London when your Uncle Dr. Siva sidhambaram was in 2nd year medical school. It is still a great loss to the Tamil world but his music still lives in us listeners.

I grew up listening to his songs. My parents were very much interested in Karnatic music. My daddy would sit and shake his head saying "Besh Besh" to your grand dad's songs. I love listening to Agathiar film songs. Also I come from Bangalore city in Karnataka State. So I also enjoy your grand father's Kannada songs. One famous song was"Thayo Thanthaie".I don't know if you have those collections. It is a real pity I cannot see and enjoy your uncle's concerts, for I live far away from Toronto. When I was very young I had had the oppertunity to see both of them sing in a temple once. God bless every one of you to keep his legacy going.

Thanks for this web site.
Dr.Sarasa Muthu

Hi Balaji,
I stumbled on to your website you have set up for your grandfather, Dr. Sirkali S. Govindarajan. I found it to be so touching and it was very honorable of you to do this in honor of your grandfather.

I would just like to say that I mostly grew up here in the US - however, I am very fond of Dr. Sirkali Govindarajan's voice. He has such a powerful voice. I mostly remember my parents speaking about him and got introduced (so to speak) to his music from them listening to religious songs and so forth.

Anyhow, it was nice to see your website and know more about him. Way to go!!!

Uma :)

Hi Balaji,
My name is Poovan from Malaysia. I'm only 23 years old. I'm a big fan of your grandfathers remarkable voice. I really admire him. Even though i don't write and read Tamil, I still ask my mother for the meanings for the songs.

Good work in the website,
A friend

Dear Balaji,
Your grandfather, Isaimani Dr. Sirkali"s is a very great man in this world. I will never miss his songs during my praying time and daytime. He is very nice and wonderful, therefore My wish is that you must be like your grandfather.

thank you for giving this website & god may bless u and your family.

Muthu Chelliah

My dear Balaji.
I do hope you would permit me to address you as this. I am near your grandfather's age and therefore, I am taking liberties with you.

As you can imagine, I grew up in the era when everyone regarded your grandfather as embodiment of the finest of all the fine arts. I was poor in more than one way: I couldn't sing one note and I did not have the means to learn one!

During this time the Master was the only way I was able to glean the mere rays of Classical music. It was just a peep into the window. Yet that was all I was fortunate to obtain. Therefore, you could imagine, how I regard the genius of your grandfather.

It has been a quarter of century since I left India and as many I have also been caught up in the process of chasing the tail. Only today I stumbled upon your web site. What a treasure. I listened to all the songs and saw the video clips. It is well past 2:00 in the morning and I couldn't go to bed without writing this note and thanking you with all my heart for the immense pleasure you gave me; my tears have just dried and everyone of them were joyous one.

I saw you in the proud grasp of your grandfather. He looks so proud to hold you in his arms. I have no doubt that you are many times prouder. You should be. I have no idea what you are doing now. Whatever your ventures are, I am quite certain you will be one of the best.

God bless you for these hours of genuine bliss.

Saravana Muthu

Hi! Balaji. I am very glad and touched by the home page you have created for your grandfather. Being in the broadcasting line as an announcer, I have got enough and more information to compile a full programme on Dr. Sirgali Govindarajan's songs.

I would like to share an interesting anecdote with you. A few months back during my programme on radio(OLI 96.8 FM, Singapore radio) I played the song "Ulagin podhu mozhi anbaagum" as my theme for that day was anbu. I purposely chose this theme because it was just a week after the Gujarat earthquake disaster.

At the end of the programme I requested the listners to donate wholeheartedly for the victims and to tell you the truth, our radio collected 3 million dollars for the victims during the donation drive.

And there were requests from the listners to broadcast the song "Ulagin podhu mozhi anbaagum" more often. Infact, Dr. Sirgali Govindarajan's voice and the meaning of the song literally mesmerized the mass. Though he is no more, through his voice and songs he is spreading his humble thoughts.

Uma Ganapathi