"Isai Mamani" Sirkali Govindarajan had his acting career as a young apprentice in Devi Nadaga Sabha. This helped him in his future acting endeavors. However, he concentrated all his roles to spread the message of devotion, and love for tamil music and language.

KANDAN KARUNAI (directed by A. P. Nagarajan)

His first movie aptly as the first and foremost devotee of Lord Muruga--Nakkeerar, who wrote "Thirumurugaattrupadai". The sweetness of Tamil was vividly described in the dialogues between Nakkeerar and Lord Muruga. The song, "Arupadai Veedu Konda Thirumuruga", written by Kavignar Kannadasan and tuned by K. V. Mahadevan, was sung in classical raga malika form, with descriptions of the six houses of Lord Muruga. It won the People's Award for Dr. Sirkali.


Shot entirely on location in Mahabalipuram, Dr. Sirkali stars as a CID who comes in the guise of a swamiji to spy on thieves, and meets the young orphan boy, and guides him. "Iraivan Padaitha Ulagai Ellam", and "Sirukuzhandai Vadivinilay" were the two hit songs of the movie.


Acted as Siva Chidambara Bhagvathar, a musician, who goes on a tour bus to temples from Thirumalai to Thenkumari. This was a plum role for him, where he could spread the message of bhakthi. His songs in Thirupathi, Thirutanni, Mysore, Madurai, Guruvayur, and Kanyakumari, won him the year's Best Playback Singer Award from the Tamil Nadu Government in 1971.


Dr. Sirkali was the right person for the lead role of Agathiya Mamuni. Agathiyar was the short-statured, humble, and devoted Tamil Saint, who was the first to write the grammar for Tamil, with a great knowledge of music, and worked for the uplifting of tamil and its people. This film ran for 100 days and won the appreciation of one and all. All of his solo songs and duets with T.R. Mahalingam were a stark contrast to music of that period.


The blockbuster movie, and the first cinemascope movie in Tamil, with "Nadigar Thilagam" Sivaji Ganesan as Raja Raja Cholan. Dr. Sirkali rendered two songs by contemporary poets and many hymns from "Thevaram", in his role as Nambi Aandar Nambi, who was instrumental in restoring the "Thirumurai"(Olai chuvadi), which was kept locked in the temple in Chidambaram.


Naaraayana, Naaraayana... For once, Naradhar was depicted as a do-gooder without all the mischief. Naradhar explains the ten avathars of Lord Vishnu, and the reasons behind it. He sang excerpts of "Divya Prabantham", and "Vishnu Sahasranaamam".

Devarin DEIVAM

A contemporary, devotional film by Chinappa Devar. "Thiruchendurin Kadalorathil" was picturized during the "Soora Samhaaram" festival in Thiruchendur.


Acted once again in his trademark role as Agathiyar, in this film of holy weddings of Siva-Parvati, and Muruga-Valli.


Another movie by Chinappa Devar, explaining the miracles of Marudha Malai Muruga. Dr. Sirkali performs a cutchery, singing songs on Lord Muruga.


A devotional film by director Shankar, where, once again, he plays the role of a musician singing the praise of goddess Moogambigai.


Dr. Sirkali plays the role of Yagha Munivar, the rishi who explains the birth of goddess Meenakshi to her parents, King Malaithuvasan, and the queen. Dr. Siva Chidambaram portrayed his father's Agathiyar role in this movie.


Dr. Sirkali portrayed a Katha Kalakshebam performer, who told various stories linking various wonders of Almighty.